Louise Reimer

Louise is a freelance illustrator and artist currently living in Toronto, ON. She grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Louise loves textiles, the 1970s, and going for hikes.

If you have a project you would like to work on together, please get in touch at hello@louisereimer.ca


Clients include

Toronto Star
Polaris Prize
Kazoo Fest
United Way
Refinery 29
Lenny Letter
Barnes and Noble
University of Alberta

Selected Press

Ballpit Mag
The Creator's Project
Double Dot
Huffington Post 
Refinery 29 
Art Hound



Likely General - Toronto
The Beguiling - Toronto
Penny Arcade - Toronto
Annex Vintage - Montreal
Monastiraki - Montreal
Plan B - Halifax

Contact me at tobin.louise@gmail.com